PAE New Zealand Wins $100 Million U.S. Antarctic Programme Contract

The National Science Foundation (NSF), an independent U.S. government agency, manages the U.S. Antarctic Program, through which it coordinates all U.S. scientific research on the southernmost continent and aboard ships in the Southern Ocean as well as related logistics support. Antarctica’s remoteness and extreme climate make it a unique “natural laboratory.”

Under the new contract, PAE New Zealand will work with Lockheed Martin to provide a cost-effective, streamlined service at Christchurch, New Zealand, that supports en route people and equipment, medical facilities, research vessels, construction projects and remote sites in and around Antarctica. They will also modernize some technologies used in the transport of people and cargo to and from the Antarctic region.

“PAE New Zealand is proud to work with more than 2,000 program participants involved in valuable research in Antarctica who will transit through Christchurch to and from Antarctica as part of the U.S. Antarctic Program” said Philip Orchard, PAE New Zealand CEO. “Our New Zealand team is excited to ensure the Antarctic Program continues to reach and even surpass its research goals.”

PAE New Zealand provides facilities management and operational support services throughout New Zealand and is active in the defence, local government, education, healthcare, manufacturing, energy and commercial sectors.

With its national office in Wellington and operations throughout New Zealand, PAE New Zealand directly employs about 330 staff as well as a large subcontractor workforce. It is part of the PAE group of companies that provide global stability & development, infrastructure management solutions and defence support services with over 6,000 employees worldwide.

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